We offer professional property management services with a proactive and responsive approach to preserving the value of your home is a top priority.


Our property management services in North Dallas utilize a detailed move-in inspection complete with a customized checklist and photos to ensure our clients that the condition of their home is documented down to the last detail before the new tenant takes possession. Photos are taken and a detailed condition statement developed. We also ensure the tenant receives a warm welcome to the home, that all utilities are properly transferred, and that the appropriate expectations are set concerning tenant responsibilities.

We handle all licensing and jurisdictional requirements for your property. With 15 years experience in North Dallas, we are well equipped to handle all licensing and inspections mandated from start to finish with our clients. We make sure that you do not have to jump through all of the hoops associated with property management regulations in the North DFW municipalities.

We handle all tenant relations, preventative maintenance and daily work orders. With each work order we diligently inspect the issue, provide multiple estimates from trusted contractors, schedule repairs in a timely manner and are present to ensure the issue is properly repaired. Over the last 15 years as North Dallas property managers, we have developed relationships with contractors who provide us the best rates, the fastest response times, and the highest quality work. During this process we emphasize communication to both the client and the tenant in order to provide complete transparency.

We perform semi-annual property spot checks for your home. After each spot check, a condition statement is delivered to our client that provides an accurate assessment of the home; photos are provided if requested. These checks allow us to ensure the value of the home is being preserved and also outlines potential problem areas and affords our clients additional time to budget for future property expenses.

60 days prior to the end of the lease term, we complete a market analysis for your home. Once the recommended renewal rates are approved, they are distributed to our tenants; tenants are required to give us a 30-day notice of their intentions. If the tenant does decide to vacate this allows us time to re-market the property while occupied and minimize or eliminate all vacancy loss. Have any questions? Get in touch today; we look forwarding to being the North Dallas property management team you know and trust.


Upon conclusion of an onsite meeting at your home, we will consult private, public and internal databases to develop a significant sample size of comparable product that have rented within a specific radius of your home over the last year. From this comparable base we add or detract value from the median based on product features and enhancements. This data allows us to arrive at a market rate and position your home for success.

Our industry leading ads begin with a photographer visiting your home to create a visually stunning portfolio. We then create a detailed narrative that walks potential tenants from the neighborhood, to the building, to the home itself. The ad is then distributed across multiple websites.

As a North Dallas leasing company, we provide best in the industry lead management and handle the entire showing process. It is a professional showing where me meet the applicants and introduce them to the rental. We are available to show our rentals and work with owners who are still occupying their homes to set up flexible showing times during the week and on the weekends. We are intimately knowledgeable about your neighborhood and well trained to overcome objections and add value to your home. It is our goal to bring you the highest quality applicants in the shortest amount of time.

When a prospective tenant shows interest in your rental after a viewing with your leasing agent, they submit an online application. For each applicant we then perform a detailed credit check, criminal background check, and resident history check. This involves an income to debt ratio and speaking to past landlords. The results are summarized and provided to our clients along with a recommendation.

We work with our clients closely to customize each lease and ensure the contract language is perfectly safeguarded for your home. When an applicant is approved, they sign, deliver a security deposit and then our client is given another opportunity to review and then execute the agreement. Lastly, we assemble the required state or city forms, if applicable, and association paperwork at this time to ensure a smooth move-in process.

After lease execution we complete an inspection of your home and present an itemized list with all required work to make the home market ready. This list will include quotes, and if approved we schedule and oversee the work to guarantee the highest quality workmanship at the most cost effective price. We conclude with a complete administrative audit of your file including the upload of all of your insurance info, warranty info, service agreements, rules, utility structure, as well as learning the charming quirks of your home.